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Inspired by my father....

As a young girl I was amazed and inspired by my father's drawings. His ability to capture the likeness of a subject with such precision fascinated me and prompted my attempts to achieve his skill. On top of that his fortitude and tenacity showed me his strength and the possibilities of never giving up. He learned strength and fortitude as a Marine. These qualities came to bear when he was afflicted with polio. Even though his hands were paralyzed, Dad drew a beautiful gardenia, complete with a dewdrop. It was an anniversary gift to my mother. Gardenias were her favorite flower. She was moved by his sentiment and cherished the drawing. I still have the drawing.

With encouragement from my parents and teachers I began a life-long learning process. Even though demands of family diverted my attentions, my interest in the various forms of art always drew me back to creating something with whatever materials that were available. And the materials reflected my preference for the 3 dimensional arts. Through the years I would dabble in various crafts, such as sewing, crochet, macrame and knitting, making Christmas present with each new experiment. Each craft taught me certain important qualities of construction. Once the demands of parenthood lessened I enrolled in college. My studies directed me to other media, such as, plaster, wood, cardboard, steel and finally to good old Mother Earth. I studied ceramics but constraints of time, space and being a nuisance to my neighbors posed problems that were solved by the introduction of metal clay. This new product works in the same way as earthen clay so it fit my needs to a T! And, oh what fun and endless possibilities it has!

I have found some success in working with this metal. I continue learning as I work and all the wonderful people that I have met along the way. I also continue to take classes as the opportunity arises. The latest class was metalsmithing for Jewelry taught by an excellent teacher at a local Community College. I have also received certification in the use of Precious Metal Clay (PMC). This entitles me to teach classes. If you are interested in learning more contact me at

Brief History of Precious Metal Clay

    In the early 1990s, Dr. M. Morikawa of Mitsubishi Materials Corporation (MMC) in Japan led a team of scientists who developed and patented a material known today as Precious Metal Clay (PMC). In Japan, pottery is an art form with deep cultural significance stretching back for over a thousand years. Dr. Morikawa wanted to join jewelry making to ceramics. He reasoned that if he could transform precious metals into a material that could be shaped and finished like clay, he could touch a resonance that would interest many Japanese artists.

By 1994, PMC was in production in Japan and being marketed there. Mitsubishi felt that the product was ready for export. With the help of Darnall Burks, an engineer and protégé of the company, contacted two well-known American jewelers, Ronald Pearson and Tim McCreight, Together these three men conceived and organized an opportunity for fifteen leaders in the crafts to experiment with PMC so they could assess its value. Their research and development was instrumental in introducing “PMC” to the United States.


Memberships and Achievements

  • Partner in Art Coop Gallery in Crestwood Court Mall (2009 - 2011)

  • First place winner in the PMC category of the Saul Bell Design Award for 2009

  • Metal Clay Guild Friends of St. Louis

  • Webmaster

  • Juried Member Best of Missouri Hands

  • Member of Society of Midwest Metal smiths

  • Rio Grande Certification in the use of Precious Metal Clay

  • Women’s Caucus of The Arts Show at Mossa 1993

  • Commissioned for a 2100 sq. ft. mural for Purina Research Center at Gray Summit, MO

  • Earned Associate in Fine Arts in 1992

  • Who’s Who of American Junior Colleges 1993

  • Outstanding Student of the Graduating Class of 1992

  • Outstanding Member of PTK 1992

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